A comparison of william shakespeares hamlet and sophocles oedipus king

Get Access Oedipus the King and Othello: Although they have been written centuries apart. This paper would demo that in malice of the haughtiness the characters of Oedipus and Othello have.

A comparison of william shakespeares hamlet and sophocles oedipus king

Each play enacts the struggle of a man attempting to come to grips with his own, harsh reality and leaving behind his comfortable fantasy world. In the end, no man can escape the truth no matter how hard he may fight it.

In choosing the fragility of chimera over the stability of reality, the characters meet their inevitable ruin. He could have endured the plague, but out of sympathy for his anguished citizens, he has Creon go to Delphi.

In doing so, he inadvertently curses himself. Oedipus chooses to ignore multiple warnings, involving truth of his life and parentage. He chooses to disregard the ruinous prophecy of his fate to murder his father and wed his mother, since he thinks he can escape the divination of the gods.

Oedipus attempts to defy the gods by fleeing his homeland, Corinth, but instead launches himself directly into the hands of fate.

Oedipus ignores another warning of truth in ignoring the words of Teiresias. Despite this obvious proclamation of truth, Oedipus chooses to wallow in his pleasant fantasy, that he has escaped his inevitable fate.

A comparison of william shakespeares hamlet and sophocles oedipus king

Oedipus chooses to kill Laios. He chooses to marry Iocaste. He proceeds on this mission and chooses to ignore the warnings of Creon, Iocaste, Teiresias, the messenger, the shepherd, and anyone who attempts to stand between him and the truth; and, he chooses to blind himself.

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This immediately exemplifies the theory that Hamlet, like Oedipus, is in search of the truth, until he realizes it is too much to bear. As Hamlet lays the trap for the new King Claudius, he is procrastinating in order to solve his self-doubt.

Even after the ghost tells Hamlet how his father was murdered, Hamlet has the players act it out, just to be certain. His ambiguity of the truth remains constant. Hamlet must speak with his mother before he persists his plans for revenge. Hamlet meets with his mother in an attempt to set her straight.

He intends on making her understand the truth behind her wrongdoings. The murder of Polonius was completely impetuous.

It is only after the reappearance of the apparition that Hamlet begins to ease up on his mother.Hamlet and Oedipus is a study of William Shakespeare's Hamlet in which the title character's inexplicable behaviours are subjected to investigation along psychoanalytic lines. [1].

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There are very few similarities between Orestes and King Lear. This question is perhaps better directed towards the Theban Plays of Sophocles, wherein several parallels exist. Ethics and the Experience of Death: Some Lessons from The Meditations are in one aspect as despairing about the effects of the experience of death as are Sophocles’s and Shakespeare’s Hamlet’s treatment of them.

Humanity is in a miserable condition. Sophocles, The Three Theban Plays: Antigone, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus.

A comparison of william shakespeares hamlet and sophocles oedipus king

Character Analysis of Prince Hamlet in "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare and Oedipus in "Oedipus King" by Sophocles In Aristotle's literary discourse, "Poetics," he discusses his theory of tragedy, wherein he introduces the concepts of tragic flaw or "hamartia," which serves as the catalyst for the protagonist's downfall or the tragedy of the story to happen.

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Question One: In the final scene of Hamlet, Hamlet observes. Hamlet vs. Greek Drama Two plays were written with a time period of two thousand years of human history between them: one that may be the archetypal Greek drama – Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, and the other, among the most influential works in the history of British playwriting – Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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