The independent review essay

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The independent review essay

Jones is currently serving in the California Assembly, representing the city of Sacramento. Before that, he served on the Sacramento City Council and worked as counsel to the U. Advertisement The residents of Sacramento County and the deputy sheriffs who serve them both deserve to have an independent Office of Sheriff Accountability that can impartially investigate citizen complaints of misconduct.

The vast majority of these men and women do their jobs well and with integrity. We owe them our thanks for putting their lives on the line to protect us.

The independent review essay

Unfortunately, as is the case with any large organization, there are going to be some who do not follow the rules and who misuse their authority. As with any governmental operation, checks and balances are needed to make sure that people are held accountable for their actions and to deter wrongdoing.

The city of Sacramento dealt with this very issue six years ago. Faced with a significant number of police-misconduct complaints from its citizens, the city council established an Office of Police Accountability now the Office of Public Safety Accountability, or OPSA in The OPSA has the duty and power to investigate citizen complaints of misconduct.

OPSA staff has the power to take complaints, interview witnesses, sit in on internal-affairs interviews of police officers, review police files and otherwise fully and comprehensively investigate all allegations of misconduct. The city OPSA also is truly independent—it reports to the city manager and the city council, not the police chief.

Since establishing the OPSA, the city has seen complaints of police misconduct drop by more than 50 percent. There are several reasons for this success, according to the OPSA. One is that the office serves as a deterrent against misconduct. Yet another is that citizens have more confidence that they are being treated fairly, so illegitimate complaints are thus less likely to be filed.

Rank-and-file police officers and their representatives also have spoken to the benefits of the OPSA—the integrity of the officers is protected by having an office that can address the rule breakers, and overall community trust has been improved, making it easier for officers to do their jobs.

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This type of reform is not limited to cities alone. So did the city of Sacramento, but it was not enough. An independent office was needed, outside the police department. Only since the establishment of the OPSA have citizen complaints dropped 50 percent. Opponents also argue that the sheriff has a Community Advisory Board, so an independent office is not needed.

None of its members is trained as a misconduct investigator. Also, the fact that the sheriff is elected and therefore accountable to the voters does not eliminate the need for an independent Office of Sheriff Accountability. The voters are not able to investigate allegations of misconduct. They cannot interview witnesses, take complaints or hold individual officers—other than the sheriff—accountable for their actions.

Also, elections are every four years—too long to wait to ensure accountability and prevent abuses, if they are is THE voice of the Independent Publishing industry. An invaluable resource for both aspiring authors and seasoned writers who are interested in independent publishing, digital publishing and technology.

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2 EDUCATION AND SKILLS INDEPENDENT REVIEW OF THE TEACHING OF EARLY READING: FINAL REPORT. Over the first nine years of the National Curriculum ( to ) very little impact was made on raising standards of reading.

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